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Insurance Fraud & Bad Faith

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Insurance companies love to make money. All too often, the thirst for bigger profit margins leads to an “end justifies the means” mentality in which insurance companies prey on unsuspecting consumers. These corporations are so clever in what they do, that they can cheat the average person without anyone noticing. For example, insurers know that they can cheat a consumer out of $1.00 a year, and most consumers won’t even notice. Most of those that do will not bother to do anything about it because it’s just a dollar. But, when the same thing happens to 20 million people, the corporation makes $20,000,000.00.

Insurance Fraud & Bad Faith

Individuals vs. big competition

Most of the time, the only way an individual can stop this type of fraud or unlawful conduct is to go to court. This is so because the courtroom is the only place in America where an individual can compete against the biggest, richest and most powerful insurance companies in the world. We rely upon jurors to stop harmful conduct by the insurer, so that all insurance companies do not cheat to compete.

One way to do this is a fraud, or bad faith case. In these bad faith cases, a policyholder (the insured) can sue an insurance company for a failure to treat them with the “good faith” claims handling required under the law. This can occur either when the company improperly handles a case with their own insured (such as an uninsured or underinsured motorist case, or a property claim where the insurer improperly refuses to pay), or in a case where the insurer fails to appropriately defend their insured, resulting in an “excess verdict” or a trial verdict against the insured which exceeds the coverage amount of the insurance policy. Fraud cases often involve situations in which the insurance company institutes practices and procedures which they know to be wrong, in order to increase their profits, resulting in an intentional underpayment of claims.

Insurance Fraud & Bad Faith

DeShaw Trial Lawyers will ensure fair treatment

Our firm is one of few in the State of Oregon who accept insurance fraud and bad faith claims. Dr. DeShaw is also brought into claims outside the state as co-counsel, or as a consultant, on large bad faith or class action cases. One such case in Oklahoma, evolved into a national class-action case resulting in an outcome expected to reach $151 million in fraudulent underpayments to an insurer's own policyholders. Faced with their fraudulent conduct, the insurance company repaid their policyholders, and stopped the fraudulent practice against their own policyholders.

Today, Dr. Aaron DeShaw is currently representing plaintiffs and class members in several class action, fraud, and bad faith claims pending in courts across the United States. It is our goal to make certain you are getting what you paid for with your insurance policy instead of being cheated out of what is owed

Insurance Fraud & Bad Faith

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