Oregon Personal Injury Lawyer attends Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon Annual Conference

Oregon Personal Injury Lawyer Aaron DeShaw is attending the Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon Annual Conference this week.

The conference is a joint conference for Oregon, Washington and Idaho Brain Alliance organizations to bring together brain injury doctors (including MDs, DCs, DOs, neuro-opthomalagists), nurses, speech pathologists, neuro-cognitive rehabilitation specialists, biofeedback providers, auxiliary health care providers, long term care facilities, brain injury support group leaders, veteran affairs, brain injury survivors and family members, and a few brain injury lawyers.

While Dr. Aaron DeShaw is a full-time lawyer at our firm, he attends most of the medical programs at the conference to ensure he fully understands the medicine and scientific literature of traumatic brain injuries.

Highlights of the conference involve OHSU Brain Injury Institute director Dr. James Chestnutt (on treatment of concussion in both hospital and cognitive rehabilitation settings), Rolf Gainer of the Neurologic Rehabilitation Institute and Brookhaven Hospital (on permanent cognitive and personality changes of people with traumatic brain injury) and the conference keynote speech by one of the nation’s leading neurologists Dr. Glen Zielinski (on the topic of traumatic brain injuries, post-TBI visual defects, and vestibular rehabilitation) including his successful treatment of people with significant traumatic brain injuries including quadriplegia as well as his work with world class snowboarder Kevin Pearce featured in the movie The Crash Reel.  (Pearce, who had been seen at The Craig Hospital in Colorado, but continued to have residual symptoms).

The annual conference provided great information about the breakthroughs that doctors are making in the detection and treatment of brain injuries.

Aaron DeShaw is a board member of the Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon.

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