Case of Oregon Brain Injury Lawyer featured in Neuropsychological Text

Oregon Brain Injury Lawyer, Dr. Aaron DeShaw, has had one of his past litigation cases used as the basis of a case study in the newest edition of the definitive text on neuropsychological testing, Neuropsychological Assessment, by Muriel Lezak, Ph.D., Diane Howieson, Ph.D., Erin Bigler, Ph.D., and Daniel Tranel, Ph.D.

Neuropsychological Assessment has been the definitive text on the neuropsychological testing for brain injuries since its first edition 35 years ago.  During the writing of the most recent 5th Edition, Dr. Lezak contacted Dr. DeShaw and his client, to ask permission to use the redacted facts of one of Dr. DeShaw’s past brain injury litigation cases.  Both consented, and the case now appears in the 5th Edition of Neuropsychological Assessment, published by Oxford University Press.

DeShaw is a nationally known brain injury lawyer.  He is one of a small number of trial lawyers in the country who belong to the Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation Group of the American Association for Justice.  He has been selected for inclusion in Super Lawyers by his peers.

DeShaw’s case covered in Neuropsychological Assessment, illustrates an example of a high functioning professional who sustains a mild traumatic brain injury in a low vehicle damage crash.  While some cognitive damage was present, the client sustained a notable personality change, with behavioral changes that impacted both his professional life and relationships with his family.  Dr. Lezak did the evaluation on the client at Dr. DeShaw’s request and was so interested in the presentation that she wanted to include it in her book, so that neuropsychologists could learn from the client’s outcome.  Despite much of her work being national and international at this stage of her career, Dr. Lezak and Dr. DeShaw have worked on a number of cases together on behalf of people injured in Oregon.

Dr. DeShaw’s interests in neurology and traumatic brain injuries started during his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree program, which required over 4000 hours of classroom instruction and clinical rounds, including over 700 hours of neurology, neuroanatomy, neurophysiology and diagnosis of the brain and nervous system.  DeShaw retired as a health care provider in 2000.  He has since handled hundreds of legal cases involving traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, or complex post-traumatic neurological injuries including post-traumatic seizures, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, syringomyelia, RSD/CRPS, and aggravations of neurodegenerative conditions including post-traumatic aggravation of myasthenia gravis, post-traumatic aggravation of MS and others.

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Aaron DeShaw is a personal injury lawyer at DeShaw Trial Lawyers, a law firm representing injured people with serious injuries including brain injuries and other catastrophic injuries. He has individually, and in association with other law firms, obtained over $1 Billion for his clients. Learn more about Aaron and the Firm.