Near Astoria, Log Truck Load Shift Causes Logging Truck Accident

Just before 11:30 AM last Sunday, a log truck rollover accident caused the State Police to close Highway 105 South of Astoria for nearly 3 hours. Authorities believe that speed and wet conditions were factors in the accident that led William A. Fletcher to lose control of the loaded log truck when the load of logs shifted. The log truck overturned sending logs across the roadway and into a passenger car driven by Kristina M. Hess of Astoria. Fortunately, the driver of the passenger car was uninjured and even Fletcher, despite his log truck overturning, is believed to have suffered only minor injuries.

Log Trucks in Oregon and Washington

In Oregon and Washington, log trucks are a common sight. Unfortunately, this also means logging truck accidents are a more common commercial trucking accident in the Northwest. Speed is often cited by authorities as a factor or potential factor in the cause of overturned log trucks. However, other factors can also contribute such as improper load distribution, overloading of logs, and truck mechanical problems. Rain and wet weather create conditions that increase the likelihood of commercial rollover accidents.

Proceed With Caution…

As we continue through the dark and rainy months, whether driving a passenger car or commercial truck, be sure to give yourself plenty of stopping distance. Wet weather not only decreases our ability to stop in time, but visibility and maneuverability also suffer. This is especially true for large commercial trucks. While log truck drivers certainly have a role to play in highway safety, having a healthy respect for the challenges truck drivers face on the road can do a lot to protect yourself, and them, from a disastrous accident.

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