Brain Injury Lawyer Aaron DeShaw Appointed to Brain Injury Alliance Board

Portland Oregon Brain Injury Lawyer, Dr. Aaron DeShaw, has been appointed as a Board of Director for the Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon. DeShaw is known for handling complex and catastrophic injury cases as a trial lawyer and is best known in the past five years for winning complex brain injury cases.  He is one of a small number of trial lawyers in the country who belong to the Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation Group of the American Association for Justice.

Prior to his election as a board member, DeShaw has been a regular lecturer for the Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon at their annual convention, including a lecture on advanced brain imaging at the most recent Annual BIAOR conference, covering advanced imaging for doctors and lawyers including HDFT, MEG, DTI / tractography, PET, SPECT, CSF flow studies and others.

For ten years prior to his election to the board, at the request of the BIAOR executive director, he has helped brain injury survivors and their families with what to expect after a brain injury, and by providing referrals for evaluation and rehabilitation from the best brain injury doctors and therapists available.  He has done this outside his role as a lawyer, for the benefit of brain injury survivors.

Given DeShaw’s extensive history lecturing nationally and internationally to doctors and lawyers on a variety of health care and litigation subjects ranging from insurance company claim software to traumatic injuries, the BIAOR intends to have DeShaw tour the State of Oregon lecturing to doctors, lawyers and the public about how to detect brain injuries and help those who have suffered brain injuries.  His goal is to help the BIAOR in their mission to educate the health care providers and the public about brain injuries, and help brain injury survivors to recover to the greatest extent possible.

Dr. DeShaw’s interests in neurology and the brain during his doctorate program, which required over 4000 hours of classroom instruction and clinical rounds, including over 700 hours of neurology, neuroanatomy, neurophysiology and diagnosis of the brain and nervous system.  While DeShaw retired as a health care provider in 2000, he is believed to be the first Doctor of Chiropractic elected to a board position on the Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon.

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Aaron DeShaw is a personal injury lawyer at DeShaw Trial Lawyers, a law firm representing injured people with serious injuries including brain injuries and other catastrophic injuries. He has individually, and in association with other law firms, obtained over $1 Billion for his clients. Learn more about Aaron and the Firm.